[webkit-dev] Pulling together on WebKit Mobile

zucker at wake3.com zucker at wake3.com
Thu Jan 17 00:24:19 PST 2008

My vote would be to use #if PLATFORM(XX) to wrap relevant source files,
and to create new Configurations to choose which libraries to link to.  I
think this is the simplest while still providing the functionality we

-we must have the ability to link to different libraries for different
builds, so that we can not link with, for example, CoreGraphics or Cairo
-we do not want to have to maintain multiple project files
-the  #pragma comment code below looks like it gets too spaghetti-ish too


> On Jan 16, 2008, at 2:19 PM, zucker at wake3.com wrote:
>> You can solve this by creating additional configurations in the same
>> VS
>> projects/solution.  Configurations are set up to let you choose
>> different
>> link libraries for different targets.  The different targets can
>> also set
>> different #defines to select CG vs Cairo, etc.
>> Personally I don't like this so much since it is a pain to maintain
>> multiple configurations, but it does solve the problem for selecting
>> different libraries to link.
>> Cheers,
>> Dan
>>> This was a non-issue for Cairo, since it was completely contained in
>>> our source tree (and not externally linked against).  That was less
>>> than ideal though, and you still had the linking problem in the other
>>> direction (with CG always being linked against).
>>> dave
> You can link against different libraries using the Visual Studio
> "#pragma comment" feature, e.g.:
> #pragma comment(lib, "wininet.lib")
> This works, but if you want to link against debug and other variants,
> you quickly end up with a mess like:
> #ifdef _DEBUG
> #ifdef _UNICODE_
> #pragma comment (lib, "coollibDU.lib")
> #else
> #pragma comment (lib, "coollibD.lib")
> #endif
> #else
> #ifdef _UNICODE_
> #pragma comment (lib, "coollibU.lib")
> #else
> #pragma comment (lib, "coollib.lib")
> #endif
> #endif
> I think for us to have a viable native windows port, we need to be
> able to link against a pre-built Cairo libraries.
> I am just not looking forward to having to create multiple targets in
> the project files, as this will involve figuring out how to pass this
> along from the "build-webkit" script, etc., etc.
> But can we decide on a course of action soon?  I'd like to generate a
> patch that gets the win32 (native) target to build soon, but I don't
> want to spend too much time on a dead-end.
> Thanks,
> -Brent

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