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wangweixun wangweixun at sh.chinamobile.com
Sun Jan 13 17:19:29 PST 2008

We had ported S60Wekbit to WinCE.
What S60Webkit or Webkit subversion repositories to merge them?


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=D6=F7=CC=E2: [webkit-dev] Pulling together on WebKit Mobile

Hey guys,

There's a lot of mobile WebKit expertise in different organisations and=20
from various individuals, but we haven't really done much to put it all=20
in one place so far.

Would you be interested in sharing your findings, internal documentation =

and patches?

Some things I'd like to see:

  * Build fixes for various lightweight toolchains integrated into TOT

  * Documentation of optional defines used in the WebCore loader and=20

  * Build instructions made public (Scratchbox, cross-compilation etc.)

  * Compiler flags

  * Bug workarounds for different architectures and toolchains

I'd love to see what Naiem's team is finding and fixing in the GTK+=20
port, what tweaks the iPhone and Android engineers are using, and the=20
lightweight libc fixes from Peter, and Collabora's findings on the Nokia =

internet tablets all in one place.

When patches get merged, the WebKit team will help you maintain them so=20
contributing code can help reduce the burden of maintaining ports and=20
build fixes out-of-tree.

I have some material I've built up privately in the last year on ARM=20
including benchmarks and patches that I'd like to start sharing too.

I do think we can get more done if we work together here. I've set up a=20
wiki page -- please edit this with your findings and suggestions:


You can register an account on the wiki here:

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