[webkit-dev] QtWebKit loads remote sites awfully slow

Thorben Kröger thorbenk at gmx.net
Sun Jan 13 07:24:02 PST 2008

Out of curiosity I've been building QtWebKit for some time now; at the moment 
I have qt-snapshot from 10.01 built.

However, for some months now, remote websites have been loading very, very 
slowly for me. I don't know why that is, Konqueror/Firefox on this computer 
(recent Gentoo) is very fast.

Here is a small test program that just load google.com and quits:

#include <QtWebKit>
#include <QApplication>

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
  QApplication app(argc, argv);

  QWebView *view = new QWebView(0);

  QObject::connect( view, SIGNAL(loadFinished()), qApp, SLOT(quit()) );
  return app.exec();

Look at what `time` says: 2 minutes? For google.com?

real    2m10.801s
user    0m1.024s
sys     0m0.117s

And here is a kcachegrind file:


Any ideas?


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