[webkit-dev] [platform/networking] Misc information, confusion and disinformation for porters

Holger Freyther zecke at selfish.org
Sun Jan 6 08:00:26 PST 2008


this mail is a small summary of issues I have seen while working with the 
networking code and making my platform(s) work.

1.) Get the InspectorClient going (it is really simple) and then be brave and 
then call Settings::setDeveloperExtrasEnabled(true) on your page. You might 
see immediate crashes, which you can fix. Once you can load pages with the 
Inspector on you can easily see if you have a Request and Response in the 
networking view, otherwise you have something wrong in your reporting and can 
fix it.

2.) Cookies:
	- The CookieJar and its methods are normally only used for JS code.
	- Cookie parsing can be tricky
	- The CookieJar get method should return all cookies (otherwise 
mail.yahoo.com will make fun out of you). ;)
	- Depending on your networking lib you might need/want to set the cookies 
from the Jar on the request

3.) Redirections:
	- ResourceHandleClient::willSendRequest has an in/out parameter, as the 	
	  API documentation is saying, honor that :)
	- If you wonder what to do if you get a redirect on POST, check 
	  MainResourceLoader::isPostOrRedirectAfterPost for the answer.

4.) Use WebKitTools/Scripts/run-webkit-httpd and or 
WebKitTools/Scripts/run-webkit-tests and watch the smoke and smell your 
platform is producing. A patch to make both work on GNU/Ubuntu/Debian/Linux 
can be found here[1] and I hope it will be in trunk soon.

anyway, I hope this is helping someone.


PS: This is the third attempt...

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