[webkit-dev] Re: Who's working on merging GNUmakefile.am and DerivedSources.make?

Alp Toker alp at atoker.com
Fri Jan 4 15:07:25 PST 2008

Darin Adler wrote:
> Right now big pieces of GNUmakefile.am are copies of 
> DerivedSources.make. And over time they are starting to diverge, 
> creating an unnecessary maintenance problem. The reason we're using make 
> for derived sources is so we can share those rules among all the 
> different build systems.
> Who's working on re-merging these?

The autotools build system was a direct port from qmake so I don't think 
  it's really a case of divergence.

Sharing of DerivedSources.make is one of the changes I'd like to see 
before the autotools WebKit build system is made official. Other issues 
I've noticed that should be fixed:

  * Adding new IDL files is difficult due to redundant targets in 
WebCore/GNUmakefile.am. WebCore developers can't be expected to 
hand-edit these lists.

  * Built object files are scattered throughout the directory hierarchy, 
resulting in svn stat noise.

  * The output path for libraries executables doesn't match conventions 
set by the Mac and Win ports.

I'm eager to review patches in this area. Help is always welcome.

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