[webkit-dev] ACCEPT request header in XMLHttpRequest not meaningful

Max Barel max at ac-mb.info
Thu Jan 3 12:06:40 PST 2008

Hi list members.

My policy is to serve XHTML-1.0 as application/xhtml+xml to capable  
When an AJAX request is sent from WebKit, the HTTP_ACCEPT header  
default to '*/*' which is not useful to set the response content-type  
header. Mozilla and Opera do set it as in normal get requests.

As I know no way to guess xhtml capability from javascript and modify  
this default header, webkit gets xhtml served as text/html.

Does this qualify for a bug report or a feature request or do I miss  

Side note:
As long as the correct namespace is used, document content is almost  
OK. Almost because every linefeed between elements created from ajax  
data is displayed as #cdata-section in the web inspector.

Max Barel

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