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Thanks Mark,
As your words,webkit don't care about these cache files?  And I want know  the function that code under the webkit/webcore/loader/ directory,like   Cache.cpp,CachedImage.cpp,CachedCSSStyleSheet.cpp...ect. Dosen't these code to finish cache the internet files to local?

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On 28/02/2008, at 22:16, pj_wh120 at sina.com wrote:

> Anybody knows webkit  how to write Cache.db files?Maybe webkit write  
> all cache files into Cache.db, like IE chace all files under ~~Local  
> Settings\Temporary Internet Files\ directory, yes?
The Cache.db file is CFNetwork's cache, and as such it is maintained  
solely by CFNetwork rather than WebKit.  It serves a similar function  
to the "Temporary Internet Files" directory used by Internet Explorer.

- Mark

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