[webkit-dev] Quarter rendered images

Rachel Bassett rachel.bassett at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Feb 20 03:48:59 PST 2008

Anyone seen quarter rendered images - I get the full
layout size but only a quarter of the image renders
(blue box filling the other 3/4s). I've tested with
jpgs, gifs and pngs and the same behaviour for all. So
for example on the google homepage, I have the G and
then a blue box. The rendering is not stretched or
squashed, it appears visually to be the correct
aspect, just 3/4s covered by a blue rectangle.

I'm using the gtk / directfb port, so I wondered if
the problem was similar to the font problem we had a
few days ago, possibly to do with screen resolution.
Unfortunately I have rubbish debugging tools for my
platform so it takes me quite some time to get any
useful info.

Thanks in advance

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