[webkit-dev] Help needed. WebKit with Windows XP

Ivan Shusky ijshusky at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 19 23:21:34 PST 2008

Sorry, my mistake. code from SVN does have pthread header.

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Hi Brent,On mine the 'env' says:
I think I should have set the variables correctly.I have had my code downloaded from both the nightly-build and through svn. There is no pthread headers from either. The compiler also complains there is no 'unicode/uchar.h'.
There is another new problem. I was just trying to run winLauncher.patch, those 2 ico files cannot be patched for some reason. From Cygwin I use "patch -p0 < winLauncher.patch".

CC: webkit-dev at lists.webkit.orgFrom: bfulgham at gmail.comTo: ijshusky at hotmail.comSubject: Re: [webkit-dev] Help needed. WebKit with Windows XPDate: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 23:01:36 -0800Ivan, 

Problem #2 indicates that the build cannot find the pthread headers.  These are installed as part of Apple's WebKitLibraries directory.  Most likely, you do not have the environment variables set, or you have not been running the "update-webkit" script.

>From the cygwin console, what does 'env' show?

On my system, I get a few entries including:

Do your entries have spaces in the path names perhaps?


On Feb 19, 2008, at 9:10 PM, Ivan Shusky wrote:

Hi Brent,
Thank you for your timely reply. I did set those environment variables but it did not work. Not sure what was wrong. I have deleted the entire project to start fresh for another run and it works.I currently still have 2 problems.
1) When try to patch file "webcore_win32fonts.patch", I got error saying:
can't find file to patch at input liPerhaps you used the wrong -p or --sThe text leading up to this was:--------------------------|Index: ChangeLog|===================================|--- ChangeLog  (revision 30391)|+++ ChangeLog  (working copy)--------------------------""
2) When I try to build the entire project I got this error message "fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'pthread.h': No such file or directory".

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