[webkit-dev] Help needed. WebKit with Windows XP

Brent Fulgham bfulgham at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 11:38:20 PST 2008

Hi Ivan,

I'm glad to see another party interested in building a Windows application
based on WebKit!

I've been working on this same project (see the Planet Webkit for some blog
posts about it).  There are a few things you should consider:

1.  The build instructions create a Safari-specific WebKit implementation.
By this I mean that the resulting DLL depends on CoreGraphics.dll,
CoreFoundation.dll, CFNetwork.dll, none of which may be redistributed to
third parties.  The DLL also has specific hooks used by Safari to draw
Safari-themed scrollbars, buttons, etc.

2.  I have produced a few patches (with another couple pending) that switch
from CoreGraphics to Cairo for the graphing back-end.  Since large parts of
CoreFoundation are APSL source, this is very nearly useful for producing a
redistributable WebKit.dll.

3.  Apple has decided in the last week or so to no longer release CFNetwork
as APSL sources, so the Windows port has to be migrated to something else.
Right now I've got a partial port to the CURL back-end, but this currently
blows up on startup, so it's not quite ready for external use :-)

4.  There is a small application demonstrating how to access WebKit.  This
was originally called "Spinneret", when it was part of the source tree.
I've got a working version that I will name "WinRunner" (to correspond to
the QtRunner/GTKRunner tools) and add it back into the tree in the next
couple of days.

Take a look at Bug 17300 and 17336 for the current pending issues with
building WebKit on Windows.


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