[webkit-dev] Building WebKit using auto tools

Dozier, Bill dozier at amazon.com
Mon Feb 18 10:21:57 PST 2008

That's funny, it's just the opposite for me.

I'm trying to build on RHEL3 Linux (gcc 4.2.2). After running autogen, I run make and it starts complaining about not finding xcode:

$ make
make[1]: Entering directory `/workplace2/build/WebKit/JavaScriptCore'
( xcodebuild -target All `perl -I../WebKitTools/Scripts -Mwebkitdirs -e 'print XcodeOptionString()'`  | grep -v setenv && exit ${PIPESTATUS[0]} )
/bin/sh: line 1: xcodebuild: command not found
make[1]: *** [all] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/workplace2/build/WebKit/JavaScriptCore'
make: *** [all] Error 2

So, I'm using the old, to-be-deprecated-soon qmake method and plodding along, installing everything that's missing. I'm up to this point:

rm: cannot remove `/workplace2/build/WebKit/WebKitBuild/Debug/WebCore': Is a directory
Calling 'qmake CONFIG+=gtk-port CONFIG-=qt -r OUTPUT_DIR=/workplace2/build/WebKit/WebKitBuild/Debug /workplace2/build/WebKit/WebKit.pro CONFIG-=release CONFIG+=debug' in /workplace2/build/WebKit/WebKitBuild/Debug
Reading /workplace2/build/WebKit/WebCore/WebCore.pro [/workplace2/build/WebKit/WebKitBuild/Debug//WebCore]Reading /workplace2/build/WebKit/JavaScriptCore/kjs/testkjs.pro [/workplace2/build/WebKit/WebKitBuild/Debug//JavaScriptCore/kjs]
Reading /workplace2/build/WebKit/WebKitTools/GtkLauncher/GtkLauncher.pro [/workplace2/build/WebKit/WebKitBuild/Debug//WebKitTools/GtkLauncher]
Reading /workplace2/build/WebKit/WebKitTools/DumpRenderTree/gtk/DumpRenderTree.pro [/workplace2/build/WebKit/WebKitBuild/Debug//WebKitTools/DumpRenderTree/gtk]
cd WebCore/ && make -f Makefile
make[1]: Entering directory `/workplace2/build/WebKit/WebKitBuild/Debug/WebCore'
perl /workplace2/build/WebKit/JavaScriptCore/pcre/dftables tmp/chartables.c
Can't locate object method "new" via package "File::Temp" at /workplace2/build/WebKit/JavaScriptCore/pcre/dftables line 236.
make[1]: *** [tmp/chartables.c] Error 255
make[1]: Leaving directory `/workplace2/build/WebKit/WebKitBuild/Debug/WebCore'
make: *** [sub-WebCore-make_default-ordered] Error 2

...and still working on it.

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> Hi all I have build WebKit using auto tools using the following
> commands
> $ ./autogen.sh --prefix=/path/to/install/directory
> $ make
> $ ./Programs/GtkLauncher
> $ make install
> Running GtkLauncher works fine.................=)
> How different is this from building WebKit using
> WebKit/WebKitTools/Scripts/build-webkit --gtk because trying to build
> this
> gives me Errors.....:-((
> Any understanding in this regard will be of great Help.......

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