[webkit-dev] More Flood: QCookieJar and Cookie Handling

Fuenty, Chris chris.fuenty at gmail.com
Sun Feb 17 16:55:17 PST 2008


I don't see much of a way to handle cookies within QtWebkit.  I see that 
there is a QCookieJar created when needed to save cookies for a site 
session, but discarded after words, and I can't seem to see where/how to 
access cookies saved from that site.

Unless there's already a way for an Application using QtWebkit to access 
cookies from WebKit, would it be somewhat of a logical idea to provide 
QWebNetworkRequest with a QCookieJar container, and be able to call from 
that?  Feel free to downside my logic, it's probably wrong, but I'm 
looking for a way I can patch this up to provide cookie support.


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