[webkit-dev] "maintenance" to do list

Chris Brichford chrisb at adobe.com
Wed Feb 13 10:31:16 PST 2008

I think these are all great ideas.  I'd like to make one suggestion in regards to:
  * move ref/deref classes to the "start with 1" rather than "start with 0" approach 

I'd suggest that ref/deref classes start out with a 0 ref count, but all their constructor and destructors should protected or private.  The concrete classes that should be "constructable" should then have a static method that calls the constructor and returns a PassRefPtr.  Such an approach makes it harder to misuse the class.  It would also simplify the RefPtr and PassRefPtr classes because their constructors that accept a raw ptr would *always* call ref.

Even if the ref/deref classes start out with a 1 ref count, it still would make sense to me to make the constructors and destructors protected or private such that a static method on the class encapsulates the incantation to get a RefPtr or PassRefPtr to a new instances of the class.


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Hi folks.

I just made a new page on the wiki with a list of "maintenance-type"  
tasks. I'm trying to capture the list of things to do that are always in my head but I don't always share with everyone else working on the project.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on the items in this list. Feel free to either send me mail with suggestions or edit the wiki yourself if you like. I even think it would be OK to discuss a little bit here on the mailing list.

     -- Darin

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