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Kenny Kai Yin Yu kykyu at cs.hku.hk
Fri Feb 8 21:41:14 PST 2008

Hi Ciao

I've found that "configure environment for winscw" does not set enough
environemnt variables mentioned in this thread --> (
http://newlc.com/forum/build-and-run-example-application-command-line ) I'm
still trying to compile it...

Also, I found that maybe the s60webkit installation instruction is not so
up-to-date. For example, one cannot download Carbide 1.0 anymore but the
page still links to that page. It would be great if the page can work like a
wiki page so that everyone could manage any modification there easily...



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Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 10:18:30 +0100
From: Marcus Groeber <marcus.groeber.at.nuance at bugcom.de>
Subject: Re: [webkit-dev] Re: I cannot build the s60webkit. Could you
       help?   Thanks!
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Kenny Kai Yin Yu wrote:
> Thanks. However, importing bld.inf into Carbide does not work...
> according to the discussions on the internet, it seems to me this is
> because the project is too big... :(
I have in the past successfully imported the bld.inf into Carbide.c++
1.2 - the size/complexity limitation was true for earlier versions, but
version from 1.2 are much better at dealing with large projects. What is
happening when you actually try to import the project into the IDE?

btw: One thing that was not previously mentioned on
http://trac.webkit.org/projects/webkit/wiki/S60IDE is that you also need
to replace variant.cfg in your 3.0 SDK by the copy included with the
browser source. Please see my update on that page for details.
> Thanks. However, I'm so sure I've used "configure environmwent for
> WINSCW command line" shortcut. And I'm also so sure that the command
> error is not caused by not having found the make tool... :(
Actually, I found that I mis-read the error log - actually, this line is
the clue to what seems to be missing:
> process_begin: CreateProcess((null), mwccsym2.exe
So it seems like it can't find mwccsym2.exe (the compiler). Could this
be it? Anyway, normally the "configure environment" macro should update
the path to fix this (for all newly opened command windows), so this is
still strange...

ciao marcus
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