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Mark Rowe mrowe at apple.com
Wed Feb 6 21:22:15 PST 2008


On 07/02/2008, at 15:57, David C Matthews wrote:

> Thanks for the feedback.  On a slightly different front, has anyone  
> contemplated a MIPS port yet?

I don't recall anyone expressing interest in doing this to date.   
Building WebKit on a new CPU architecture should not be a huge amount  
of work, assuming that the toolchain on the platform is reasonably  
modern, the OS provides the usual POSIX APIs, and you're using a port  
that WebKit already supports (Qt, GTK+ or wxWidgets).  I believe there  
is only two files containing architecture-specific code that would  
need extended to support a new architecture (JavaScriptCore/kjs/ 
collector.cpp, JavaScriptCore/wtf/Platform.h), though a few other  
files contain architecture-specific optimisations (eg, JavaScriptCore/ 
wtf/TCSpinLock.h use inline assembly for a spinlock implementation on  
some architectures, but falls back to pthread mutexes on the rest).

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