[webkit-dev] Change WTF::ThreadCondition::timedWait to use absolute time?

Dmitry Titov dimich at chromium.org
Tue Dec 30 18:21:22 PST 2008

For worker implementation of "run loop", I am looking to implement
MessageQueue::waitForMessageWithTimeout(), where timeout would be computed
from the the JS timer with nearest expiration. I am looking at using
WTF::ThreadCondition::timedWait for implementation but it seems it is not
implemented right... Before trying to send a patch, I'd like to ask here to
validate the idea.

It is defined with 'secondsToWait':

bool ThreadCondition::timedWait(Mutex& mutex, double secondsToWait)

while a corresponding pthread function takes absolute time:

int  pthread_cond_timedwait(pthread_cond_t *, pthread_mutex_t *, const
struct timespec *);

 The reason pthread function takes abs time is because pthread's function
can return 'spuriously'. I think the reason is that most implementation lack
the atomic "wake up and re-acquire the mutex" operation, so the conditions
can change between waking up and re-acquiring the mutex - and the wait can
return while in fact it should have not. Here is a piece of pthread doc (

      When using condition variables there  is  always  a  Boolean
predicate  involving
       shared  variables  associated  with each condition wait that is
true if the thread
       should  proceed.   Spurious   wakeups   from   the
pthread_cond_timedwait()   or
       pthread_cond_wait() functions may occur. Since the return from
       wait() or pthread_cond_wait() does not imply anything  about
the  value  of  this
       predicate, the predicate should be re-evaluated upon such return.

That means the waiting should always be done in a loop, checking if
the thread can actually proceed and if not, call wait function again,
like here:

    bool MessageQueue::waitForMessage()


        MutexLocker lock(m_mutex);

        while (m_queue.isEmpty())


        .. consume message ...


 In case of timed wait it means the absolute time should be computed
before such loop, and it explains why pthreads have timed wait
function with absolute time as a parameter. That means WTF timedWait
method should change prototype to take absolute time:

bool ThreadCondition::timedWait(Mutex& mutex, const struct timespec

Then it's possible to implement blocking
MessageQueue::waitForMessageWithTimeout() to return exactly after
specified timeout or with a message.

Ok to change?

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