[webkit-dev] In-memory copy of the fetched HTML document?

Shariq Rizvi shariq at rizvi.org
Fri Dec 26 08:23:30 PST 2008

I am running a Gtk+ instance of WebKit (with Curl as the HTTP backend).

I was trying to figure out if there is an in-memory copy of the entire HTML
document which is maintained while the document is getting downloaded and
parsed. So far, my guess is that there is none. I can see that the
HTMLTokenizer/HTMLParser gets called directly through the writeCallback()
inside ResourceHandleManager.cpp - which means that tokenizing/parsing is
getting done on the downloaded bytes as soon as they come in - with no
buffering (of the entire document) going on.

This makes me wonder how browsers built on top of WebKit expose a "show
source" feature to the user.

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