[webkit-dev] I have problem in display jpeg in webkit

Holger Freyther zecke at selfish.org
Wed Dec 24 05:58:12 PST 2008

On Wednesday 24 December 2008 02:34:34 RyanYee/叶晔 wrote:
> I build webkit base on gtk-dfb (intel Olo platform),
> webkit-r35289, gtk+-2.10.14,cairo-1.4.2, jpeg-6b
> run Gtklauncher ok,but when jpeg was in html file,jpeg only display left
> part (maybe 1/4 size)
> I tried many jpeg file,same result,so I don't think it's jpeg file format
> problems.
> I found webkit use own jpeg plugin,not gtk's jpeg display,(my gtk-demo can
> display jpeg ok)
> cause my gdbserver not work,so I can only add printf to observe code go
> where.
> in JPEGImageReader::decode() ,i can only got m_state JPEG_HEADER &&
> and m_info.jpeg_color_space=3, I can only got these infomation now, can
> anybody had even same problem?
> next I want to build same version on X86 to debug,if no other infomation
> got.

Create your reduction. Most simple webpage one pretty easy picture (e.g. only 
a green rect). Load that from file.... and see if that works..


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