[webkit-dev] hello everybody

alf holm solution at netcabo.pt
Wed Dec 17 19:01:13 PST 2008

my name is alf holm

i am from portugal.

i only know how to code in adobe director,and so far only navigation.

i am here to learn,i look to alot of different places to learn.

please could the original makers of this web kit message me, i have a  
concept i would like to share with them.

it is a concept i have yet to mock up in director,but can describe  
also in words.

i am an ok designer,motion designer,2&3d modelling and animation, and  
also music and offline video editing and compositing

advertising concepts,and communication strategies,i am a trained art  

i speak 6.5 languages

i offer my assistance to anybody's projects,perhaps you like my work.

glad to hear from all of you,

alf holm

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