[webkit-dev] Out-of-memory handling

Kelemen Balázs Kelemen.Balazs.3 at stud.u-szeged.hu
Mon Dec 8 08:21:11 PST 2008

    Hi Webkit Folks!

We are thinking about how to deal with out-of-memory situation.
A tempting approach would be using exception handling. E.g., what if
we could catch a bad_alloc exception? Would there be any way to
simply force WebKit from the browser to "shutdown" itself? When I
say shutdown, I mean exiting in an elegant way, e.g., we could save
history and other important information to disk (so that when the
browser restarts, some info does not get lost). Particularly, we are
working with the Qt port, but we are interested in a general solution
as well.

Best regards,
Balázs Kelemen

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