[webkit-dev] JavaScript memory management question

Matt Fischer mattfischer84 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 17:58:33 PST 2008

On Thu, Dec 4, 2008 at 3:06 PM, Maciej Stachowiak <mjs at apple.com> wrote:

> On Dec 4, 2008, at 12:55 PM, Matt Fischer wrote:
> I'm working on an embedded product which uses a WebKit-based browser, and
> I've been tracking down some memory leaks we're seeing.  After a long while
> of digging through the codebase, I've been able to determine that we're
> occasionally leaking the WebCore::Document object when leaving certain
> websites.  A bit more tracing reveals that the Document object is being
> retained because an HTMLImageElement holds a DocPtr reference on it, and the
> element isn't going away when the normal refcount on the Document drops to
> 0.  This pins the Document object in memory.
> The specific site I've been testing with is www.yahoo.com.  Examining the
> source code to that page reveals the following in the page's beforeUnload
> event:
> window.onbeforeunload=function(){
>  var img=new Image;
> now=new Date;
> t6=now.getTime();
> img.src='
> http://www.yahoo.com/'+(ylp?ylp:'p.gif?t=0')+cc+'&tid='+ver+'&ni='+document.images.length+'&sss='+sss+'&t1='+t1+'&d1='+(t2-t1)+'&d2='+(t3-t1)+'&d3='+(t4-t1)+'&d4='+(t5-t1)+'&d5='+(t6-t1)<http://www.yahoo.com/%27+%28ylp?ylp:%27p.gif?t=0%27%29+cc+%27&tid=%27+ver+%27&ni=%27+document.images.length+%27&sss=%27+sss+%27&t1=%27+t1+%27&d1=%27+%28t2-t1%29+%27&d2=%27+%28t3-t1%29+%27&d3=%27+%28t4-t1%29+%27&d4=%27+%28t5-t1%29+%27&d5=%27+%28t6-t1%29>+'&d6='+(t7-t1)+'&d7='+(t8-t1)+'&d8='+(t9-t1)+'&d9='+(t10-t1)+'&d10='+(t11-t1)+'&d11='+(t12-t1);
> }
> It appears that this Image object is never being removed--I can repeatedly
> navigate to and from this site and watch HTMLImageElements (and their
> associated Document objects) pile up.
> I'm still not convinced this is a WebKit problem specifically (there's a
> fair amount of code surrounding it in our product that could potentially
> have bugs in it), but to continue tracing the problem, I need to know what
> the mechanism is that *ought* to be freeing this object.  I presume this is
> something that should be taken care of by the JavaScript garbage collector,
> however I can see JavaScriptCore::Collector::collect() calls running
> occasionally after this object is created, and it never goes away.  Is there
> some immediately apparent reason why this wouldn't be happening?  I.e., is
> there something else that would be holding a reference to an object created
> by this type of script code, or is something other than the GC responsible
> for freeing it, etc?
> My apologies if this turns out to be a stupid question--I'm just trying to
> get some context for where I ought to focus next.
> Have you tried it on WebKit trunk? I think this this is fixed by r37922.
>  - Maciej
Sadly, I'm stuck on a rather ancient version of WebKit (circa October 2007),
with little hope of pulling up substantially, due to all the API breaks
combined with our project's timeframe.  :(

Is there, by chance, any simple change I could make which would emulate this
fix on a snapshot that old?  It's from before the days of
WebCore::ScriptController and WebCore::JSDOMWindowShell, which appear to be
the pertinent classes to this patch.

I tried a couple naive attempts to backport it, such as calling clear() on
the Window object that was getting its disconnectFrame() called in the
Frame::pageDestroyed() function.  This didn't seem to have any effect, but I
admittedly had close to zero understanding of what I was doing there.

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