[webkit-dev] Something about x11-port

Konsta Kokkinen kray at mbnet.fi
Mon Dec 1 09:17:13 PST 2008

> On Monday 01 December 2008 15:57:06 Konsta Kokkinen wrote:
>> I meant with x11-port that it renders wanted page to x window given to
>> it,
>> not that it uses
>> different toolkits to render page. So I wasn't meant to replace cairo
>> rendering, I don't
>> even have enough skills for that. Just trying to remove need for gtk (or
>> any other widget
>> toolkits) on Linux.
> Is this meant to be a hobby task or do you think that there is an actual
> need
> for a purely X11 based port? If it is serious why not put your effort
> toward
> creating a plain cairo API (including exposing RenderTheme somehow)? This
> can
> be used with X11, directFB, pure images....
> z.
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This is purely a hobby task, and I maybe use it in my own projects. What
do you mean with
plain cairo API? I meant that I make this port so, that it includes these
normal link-
clicking, clipboard etc. actions implemented, but API user have to make
scrollbars, context
menus and that kind of things itself.

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