[webkit-dev] Something about x11-port

Konsta Kokkinen kray at mbnet.fi
Mon Dec 1 00:15:00 PST 2008

So, I'm started doing that x11-port I asked for some time ago. I have some
questions about that, which I would get answer for. So:

-Should I make directory structure something like it is with gtk, for
example. (like WebKit/x11, WebCore/platform/x11, etc.)
-Should I make implementations to platform-shared files with definition
PLATFORM(X11) or something like that? Where this is defined anyway? Is it
that when I build in Linux with ./autogen.sh and make it builds with
PLATFORM set to GTK? How I can set it for building?
-Should I make implementations to build-webkit script so it would be easily
compiled from that? If so, could you help with that (tell how define it)?

I'm asking these because I'm not sure how these things should be done. And
it could be possible to some day maybe get this port to official trunk.

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