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Oliver Dole odole at sand-labs.org
Thu Aug 28 14:17:03 PDT 2008


On 8/28/08, nishit sharma <sharmafrequent at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> i have posted this before but didn't get the reply thats why i am posting
> again.
> After running WebKit i am stucking at
> WebKitWebView* webView =
>   function whose defintion i am not getting in the source code and due to
> this i am unable to do any progress.
> The function called after this are never called because WebKit hangs in this
> function.
Well 2 possibilities:
- first: that's due to WEBKIT_WEB_VIEW macro which in fact simply
calls G_TYPE_INSTANCE_GET_PRIVATE macro from glib.
- second: that's due to g_object_new which is also a glib function.
So in every case, it does not seem to be a specific webkit issue, but
a glib one. So if you want more info about why it hangs, you will have
to recompile glib in debug mode.


> Somebody please help me in telling where is the definition available so that
> i can move ahead this stucked point.
> Thanks and Regards
> Nishit Sharma
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