[webkit-dev] Safari for Windows symbol server available at developer.apple.com

Adam Roben aroben at apple.com
Wed Aug 27 07:24:01 PDT 2008

Hi all-
   Since not everyone may have noticed r35512 
<http://trac.webkit.org/changeset/35512> go by, I figured an email to 
this list would be appropriate.

   developer.apple.com is now hosting a symbol server for Safari for 
Windows. This means that you can configure Visual Studio (or WinDbg, if 
that's how you roll) to automatically download debug symbols when you're 
debugging WebKit. This makes it possible to get reliable backtraces when 
the crash occurs in a closed-source component (e.g., Safari), or in the 
released versions of open source components (e.g., WebKit).

   Instructions for configuring Visual Studio to use the symbol server 
can be found at 
Right now the symbol server is hosting symbols for Safari 3.1, 3.1.1, 
and 3.1.2. I plan to upload symbols for newer versions soon after 
they're released. If there are other versions for which you feel symbols 
would be helpful, please contact me off-list.

   I hope you find this symbol server useful! Any problems with it can 
be reported via <http://bugreport.apple.com/> or by emailing me directly.


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