[webkit-dev] pywebkitgtk - adding DOM javascript executing and evaluation; next step, addEventListener etc.

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Wed Aug 20 16:08:28 PDT 2008

folks, hi,

i realise it's bad form to reply to your own posts but i thought i'd
keep people updated, being more important than worrying about that.
_really_ long day but i worked out that yes, Document::addEventListener
is the right place, yes, adding this:
gboolean webkit_web_frame_add_event_listener(WebKitWebFrame* frame)
is reasonable, yes, grabbing the frame->document() is ok, and yes,
i now have a printf statement in c-code which prints "hacked event callback click"
when you have called, from pywebkitgtk, main_frame.add_window_event_listener()
and subsequently click on the document.

i.e. i done it.  hooray.

next stop is to add in a python function callback to
WebFrame.add_window_event_listener, and to work out how that gets called
with WebCore::Event.  might just do it as gdk signals.

this _should_ be quite straightforward.

regarding the javascript execution and evaluation, whilst i realise that
it's not ideal - to have potentially tens of thousands of snippets of
javascript code being executed, as a "first cut" it'll do nicely, and,
whilst ultimately i'll not end up using it - because there will be some
lovely DOM functions in c that can be wrapped in python hint hint - that
doesn't mean "throw away the javascript execution" i've added, because
you can guarantee it has more uses than wot i want it for.

creating and executing random bits of javascript should always be nice
for some poor bugger to give themselves a headache over, bless 'em.


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