[webkit-dev] gtk.HTML class nonexistent [was: Re: [pygtk] Computing optimum size of gtkhtml2.View]

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Sat Aug 16 00:23:00 PDT 2008

thank you to daniel, paul and sven for the suggestion to use
Label.set_use_markup(True) and the pango markup language.  not having
encountered it before, i tried it out - unfortunately, it won't be
sufficient.  i made a fuller post last night (which got caught in
the gtk-devel-list moderator bucket sorry) but the gist is that
because the framework i am developing comes from an HTML/web background,
it *must* be possible for users to place almost *any* kind of insane HTML
into a widget - including things like < a href="javascript:False">Next< /a > -
see the MailList.py example:
so, that unfortunately rules out pango markup.  running the KitchenSink.py
example quickly showed two cases which failed: < code > and < div > are
not supported by pango and they threw an exception.
so, that leaves python-gtkhtml2, libgtkhtml3 (which doesn't have python
bindings) and pywebkitgtk as the only options - all of which are presently
flawed and not useable.  i've spoken with Adrien Nader on #webkit and he
kindly reviewed the webkit source code: function _do_ exist to pre-determine
the size of the HTML content.  these functions are _not_ utilised by pywebkitgtk
which is a significant design flaw, and he was going to look at adding
them to webkit's gtk interface.

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