[webkit-dev] S60webkit status and how to build on device?

Hosam Hammady hosam.hammady at espace.com.eg
Tue Aug 12 02:56:37 PDT 2008

I have been working with the port of webkit on S60 emulator for 3rd
edition. Everything is working fine. However when I started to deploy
it on the device I ran into many problems. I solved most of them but
when loading Javascriptcore_sdk.dll the application crashes with
The strange thing is that the pre-built Javascriptcore.dll loads
correctly with no problems (I dynamically load the library using
RLibrary.Load()). However, I can't link with this library as I don't
have neither the .lib nor the .dso.
I tried alot of things, increased the stack size, heap size... with no
solution. I have been working for this for several continuous days.
What I concluded is that the stable build (21772) is not compatible
with the device. I am using Carbide v1.3 Express.
I would greatly appreciate any help.
My question is: how can i link with javascriptcore.dll that is already
present on the device? How did Nokia managed to build and use it?!

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