[webkit-dev] WindScorpion

Cameron Zwarich cwzwarich at webkit.org
Sun Aug 10 00:56:45 PDT 2008

Do you have more details on your code coverage tests? You should also  
try running them with the tests in LayoutTests/fast/js, because  
typically all new tests are found there. I would be interesting in  
seeing what is missing so we can improve test coverage.

I haven't had time to look at the tests in WindScorpion, but we aren't  
necessarily aiming for coverage in our performance tests. There are  
some things that are rare in real code, and we intentionally do not  
measure their performance in SunSpider. That being said, there are  
some gaps in SunSpider, and any attempt to round it out with some more  
tests is appreciated. You should probably talk to Maciej about that.


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