[webkit-dev] Patch for compilation error while building with gcc < 4.x compilers on latest nightlies

David Kilzer ddkilzer at webkit.org
Mon Apr 14 09:06:48 PDT 2008

Srinivas Rao M Hamse <msrinirao at gmail.com> wrote:

>      For my compilation using arm-linux-gcc (GCC) 3.4.6, while trying to
> build WebKit-r31848 on Gtk DirectFB, I am getting the following compilation
> error.
> This error gets fixed after commenting out the line containing "protected: "
> at *JavaScriptCore/kjs/nodes.h:210*.
> I have attached this patch for your review. Please include this in the
> coming builds so that the compilation goes through for less than gcc 4.x.x
> compilers

The accepted process for patch review and committing is to open a bug on
<https://bugs.webkit.org/> and attach the patch with the "review+" flag set. 
Please create a bug and attach the patch there.

> In file included from ../JavaScriptCore/kjs/AllInOneFile.cpp:40:
> ../JavaScriptCore/kjs/dtoa.cpp: In function `void kjs_freedtoa(char*)':
> ../JavaScriptCore/kjs/dtoa.cpp:2259: warning: cast from `char*' to `int*'
> increases required alignment of target type

You may want to fix this as well as it could cause crashes later.  Please file
a separate bug for this issue.



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