[webkit-dev] Adding Javascript object to Webkit

Lee Ka Yuk kylee at astri.org
Sun Apr 6 21:27:44 PDT 2008

Thanks for the reply from Geoff, MichaelG and Shakti.

What's the dependency/architecture of the folders JSCore/API,
JSCore/binding in JSCore? They both seem to be able to do the same thing
(don't they?), what's the difference then? Geoff suggested JSCore/API
and Shakti suggested JSCore/binding, I'm a little bit confused by that.
WebCore/bindings/js is not needed?
What's the correspondence of the life cycle of the JS object to the C++
I see a constructor for the class and callAsConstructor() member
function. Is the callAsConstructor() only used for "var a = new
Complex(a,b);" situation? When will the destructor be called?

> MichaelG
I refrain from using Qt binding in QT4.4. I don't want my app to bind to
Qt so tightly as my system reached its cap when running Qt and I may
work without Qt someday.

> Shakti
For complex JS object that support 
var a = new Complex(a,b);
I've skimmed the code of array_object and simple JS object like Math
will suffice for now.

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