[webkit-dev] Adding Javascript object to Webkit

Lee Ka Yuk kylee at astri.org
Thu Apr 3 03:01:24 PDT 2008

Hi all,
I'm using the WebKit project for webpage rendering on Qtopia.
I would like to add some Javascript objects that can be accessed in the
webpage and implemented with C/C++.
I studied JavaScriptCore/kjs/math_object.* and successfully added a
object in JavaScriptCore/kjs.
But I doubt if this is the "correct" way of doing so.
And this method is not at all useful if I would like to access the SAME
C/C++ object in the main application.
Say I added a foo object with member var, I would like to modify and
retrieve foo.var in BOTH QtLauncher and Javascript (synchronization put
aside first).
There are some test apps in JavaScriptCore/bindings/ that seems to do
what I wanted.
But I'm again confused what are the different between C-binding in
JavaScriptCore/bindings/c and those code in JavaScriptCore/bindings/.
JavaScriptCore/bindings/NP_jsobject.h seems to be yet another API.
Then I noticed WebCore also provide some binding in WebCore/bindings/js.
How is it different from that in JavaScriptCore/bindings?
Which binding should I use that would fit the architecture best?
Must I understand JavaScriptCore/API in order to add the object? What is
the life cycle of the Javascript objects?
I can hardly find any information concering the implementation of
JavaScriptCore, could someone giva me a pointer?
(A "JavaScriptCore" search in the list yields too little info while
"JavaScript" yeilds too much.)
Thanks a lot,

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