[webkit-dev] A WebKit-based Java mobile browser.

teashark at teashark.com teashark at teashark.com
Mon Sep 10 08:14:03 PDT 2007

We apologize, that the previous email was sent in HTML format.

Hey WebKit,

We've developed a Java-based client/server mobile browser called
TeaShark, using WebKit as the back-end HTML transcoding engine. An alpha
version is available at www.teashark.com.

WebKit was chosen because of its high performance, low memory footprint
and above all, excellent portability. We just wanted to let you know and
say Thank You!

There's been some minor modifications to the WebCore based off a recent
trunk revision, and we'll publish those changes soon.

We really appreciate your great work and believe TeaShark wouldn't be
possible without it. Hopefully TeaShark will help WebKit to access to
one of its uncharted territories - millions of low-end Java-enabled
mobile devices.

Thanks WebKit!

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