[webkit-dev] Webkit-Rendering saved html pages on safari

rohit shetty rohitpshetty at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 13:02:33 PDT 2007

Hi...am very new to Webkit..I have been trying to perform the following
->Downloading a web-page content using winhttp(the html file and the
required image files are stored in a folder)..
->rendering the web-page(stored in the folder i.e step1) on the safari
browser using the webkit rendering engine...
The first operation am succesful in doing...however, i have no idea on how
to go about the 2nd step i.e using webkit for rendering this stored data on
safari browser...can someone there please help me..Thanks in advance...

Will try to elaborate...
For ex:lets take the google homepage..Am downloading the google.html file
and the relevant images also(i.e images on the google page..All this using
winhttp) and storing all these in a folder....
Now, i have installed webkit...i want to use the webkit engine i have
installed to run the safari browser and render this content...(and not just
clicking on the page and opening it on safari browser.This uses the
rendering engine ported alongwith the safari browser..I want to use the
rendering engine of webkit i have installed)...Hope u got me...
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