[webkit-dev] Weird safari crash -

Amit Joshi joshi at yahoo-inc.com
Sat Oct 27 11:18:29 PDT 2007

I am having this weird safari behavior. I wonder if anybody experience
this before. I have built webkit.dll using the compatible revision
sources, so that when I launch safari using /frameworkPath option, it
launches and works properly. But now after I started launching safari
like this, I can no longer launch safari from its pre-intalled location,
using the pre-installed webkit.dll.
So consider this 
1) c:\safari\safari.exe /frameworkPath:c:\webkitbuild\bin    (works
2) c:\safari\safari.exe        (Crashes)...
Has anyone experienced this before,, its almost like launching safari
with my custom webkit.dll has affected its default launching behavior..
May be I  am not understanding how dll loads/registers on winXP, does
anyone know what might be causing this weiredness.. ?
-- Amit 
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