[webkit-dev] RE: Error running Qt-launcher / safari

Amit Joshi joshi at yahoo-inc.com
Fri Oct 19 21:58:09 PDT 2007

Also I would like to mention that I am running safari 3.0 (beta ?) on
winXP, is it possible that the webkit build is not compatible with this
particular version of safari ?

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Subject: Error running Qt-launcher / safari

After I was quite happy for being able to succesfully build the webkit
on winXp (qt) , I stumbled upon the next hurdle..ie. Launching
qt-launcher or safari with QtWebkit.dll

I am getting the following exception, possibly generated from

Access violation writing location 0x00000000.

Here are two ways I am trying to run the launcher
A) from Qt-command prompt - I do 'perl run-launcher
B) from Qt-command prompt - I do c:\safari\safari.exe

Both result in the application launch blowing up a MS error window,
without any other feedback; The 'access violation' error I mentioned
above is only seen once I do 'debug' inside the MS-error window.

I would really appreciate any help here..

Thanks in advance..

- Amit

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