[webkit-dev] Webkit Building failed on Windows

Adam Roben aroben at apple.com
Wed Oct 10 15:57:59 PDT 2007

(CCing webkit-dev for the benefit of future question-askers)

James tu wrote:
> Hi Adam,
> I download cygwin package from open source webkit site and 
> reinstall it.  After type WebKit/WebKitTools/Scripts/build-webkit, it 
> will build for about 2-3 minutes then exit without any message. 
> In the cygwin, it only shows 
> Checking mod-date of WebKitSupportLibrary.zip...
> Current WebKitSupportLibrary is up to date
> Building results into: /cygdrive/d/Profiles/w30339.DS/WebKit/WebKitBuild
> WEBKITOUTPUTDIR is set to: d:\Profiles\w30339.DS\WebKit\WebKitBuild
> d:\Profiles\w30339.DS\WebKit\WebKitLibraries\win
> /cygdrive/c/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio 
> 8/Common7/IDE/VCExpress.exe wi
> n\WebKit.vcproj\WebKit.sln /build Release
> Do you have any idea? I installed  Visual C++ 2005 Express 
> <http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/express/visualc/>, Microsoft Visual 
> C++ Express 2005 Service Pack 1 
> <http://download.microsoft.com/download/7/7/3/7737290f-98e8-45bf-9075-85cc6ae34bf1/VS80sp1-KB926748-X86-INTL.exe> and 
> Windows Platform SD 
> <http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/express/visualc/usingpsdk/>K
> Did I miss something?
Sounds like you did everything correctly. Unfortunately, Visual C++ 
Express does not give any output in the console while building, so you 
have to search for build errors in the build logs manually. You can find 
these build logs by executing the following command:

find ~/WebKit/WebKitBuild/obj -type f -name '*.htm'

One of those should contain some hint as to the error that happened 
during your build.


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