[webkit-dev] planet.webkit.org update

Adam Roben aroben at apple.com
Thu Nov 29 18:29:52 PST 2007

Hey everyone-

I'm in the process of setting up planet.webkit.org, and thought I'd send 
along a quick update:

First, thanks to our kind (and speedy!) server administrator, we've got 
the domain all ready to go. Don't get too excited -- it's just a blank 
page for now.

Second, my plan is to get things configured and working on the server, 
then check in everything to Subversion. That way it'll be easy just as 
easy to modify planet.webkit.org as it is to modify webkit.org. I'm 
particularly hoping someone will come up with a nice stylesheet for it.

Third, I wanted to propose a few simple guidelines for planet.webkit.org:

1. No feed will be added without the owner's consent.
2. Only feeds belonging to WebKit contributors will be aggregated.
3. Feeds that are proposed to be added to planet.webkit.org should 
either be WebKit-specific, or contain a high proportion of 
WebKit-related content.
4. If a feed is found to contain a high proportion of non-WebKit-related 
content, the feed's owner will be asked to provide a WebKit-specific 
feed. If the owner fails to do so, the feed may be removed.

My hope is that these guidelines will help us to make planet.webkit.org 
friendly, informative, and relevant to WebKit development.

I'll send out another email when the site is up. Thanks!


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