[webkit-dev] Apple's feature and performance goals for WebKit

Maciej Stachowiak mjs at apple.com
Thu Nov 29 02:56:11 PST 2007

In the spirit of greater openness, here are some of the general areas  
where Apple is interested in improvement in the near to mid term, in  
no particular order:

- Major JavaScript performance improvements. JavaScriptCore improved a  
lot since the Safari-3-stable branch; we think this is an important  
area for continuing improvement. We've already had a lot of non-Apple  
contribution here and welcome more.

- Support for offline web applications. We have local SQL storage now.  
We're also interested in many of the other evolving HTML 5 and Web API  
features for this.

- Better compliance to specifications including CSS 2.1,  
XMLHttpRequest, and so forth.

- Improvements to rich media integration (you can see this with the  
recent HTML5 <video> and <audio> support).

- Improvements to graphics, including more complete support for SVG  
and for new <canvas> features from HTML5 and other browsers.

- Continuing to push the envelope with CSS, with experimental support  
for advanced CSS features.

- HTML5 support generally, as the spec becomes more complete.

- Support for features of interest to web developers.

- Memory footprint improvements.

- Support for more advanced Web API specs of interest, such as  
possibly Selectors API or XMLHttpRequest v2.

- Continuing web compatibility improvements.

- Additional performance improvements to page load speed.

  We may post more details about some of these soon. I'm curious what  
is of interest to other WebKit contributors. I'm especially interested  
in areas where particular organizations or individuals might be  
interested in directly contributing.

It might be worth collecting this kind of data on a wiki page.


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