[webkit-dev] Re: [webkit-changes] [28003] trunk/WebCore

Adam Roben aroben at apple.com
Sun Nov 25 00:02:29 PST 2007

Alexey Proskuryakov wrote:
> on 25.11.2007 02:32, aroben at apple.com at aroben at apple.com wrote:
>> +// FIXME: <rdar://5611712> Remove the PLATFORM(WIN) check once ICU on Windows
>> has collation support.
>   I'm wondering what the problem with ICU on Windows is - it seems that it's
> newer than one shipped with Tiger (3.6 vs. 3.2).

The problem is that it was compiled with UCONFIG_NO_COLLATION=1, which 
means that collation-related functions don't exist in the DLLs that ship 
with Safari.


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