[webkit-dev] Objective-C API: What would you change?

Alp Toker alp at atoker.com
Sat Nov 24 20:10:31 PST 2007

We've started re-modelling the WebKit/GTK+ public API on the WebKit 
Objective-C API, since it's closer to GTK+ conventions than our existing 
API (eg. WebView vs Page).

Going through the headers and documentation, I sometimes notice concepts 
that don't quite match up with the state of WebCore or appear redundant.

I'm wondering what the developers and users of the current API would do 
differently if they could re-write it today without any consideration 
for backward compatibility.

What would you change? What's obsolete? Any poorly named methods?

What parts do application developers have the greatest difficulties with?

Would you have included more default behaviour, forced application 
developers to implement more policy, or is the balance just right?

This information should help the GTK+ port and others avoid making the 
same mistakes.

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