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Hi Chris,


many thanks for your quick answer and your code.

If I build WebKit.dll from source I'm allowed to use it in a closed source project, right?


May I ask you a question about building with Visual Studio 2005? I tried the build-webkit script in Cygwin, but I always get



Cannot find '/cygdrive/d/Programme/Microsoft Visual Studio 8/Common7/IDE/VCExpress.exe'

Please execute the file 'vcvars32.bat' from

'/cygdrive/c/Programme\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\bin\'

to setup the necessary environment variables.



even if I ran vcvars32.bat. Do I need to install VC Express or can I switch to the already installed Visual Studio?





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You need to do a lot of P/Invoke calls.  It's very complicated, I used it back before Safari 3 and WebKit 5xx,  You can work with this code, It won't work until you modify it to work with the latest WebKit.  Keep in mind the 
Licensing Restrictions of Raw Win32 WebKit when using this.


On 11/19/07, Zoth, Jochen <jochen.zoth at> wrote:


I'm looking for a way to use Webkit in a C# .net Application for
displaying websites. A customer wants me to use it instead of the IE

I downloaded the latest nightly build for windows and imported the 
WebKit.dll in my C# project. Since it seems not to be a "native" dll,
Visual Studio doesn't show me the available methods etc.

Where can I find information how to use WebKits functionality in my 


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