[webkit-dev] WebKit and JavaFx mobile:

Laird Dornin Laird.Dornin at Sun.COM
Thu Nov 15 10:17:43 PST 2007

Webkit community,

Sun Microsystems is planning to integrate the webkit browser into its  
upcoming JavaFx(tm) line of products which include variants for  
desktop, mobile, and TV.  For more information, see the following:


JavaFx Mobile:

This integration requires webkit platforms, or ports, similar to those  
that exist for qt or gtk, that will support embedding webkit into the  
various flavors of Java that sun plans to support.  Internally, we  
have discussed several approaches for creating a new port for Java.   
We believe that the best strategy for Sun and the community is to  
create a port that enables Sun to decouple its ports from the main  
webkit project.  We'd like to help to create a toolkit independent,  
"stub" port that enables sun to develop ports outside of the main  
webkit repository.  We've been using the term "embedded platform" to  
describe this concept, and we intend for it to be a simple abstract  
porting layer that will create explicit separation between a port and  
webkit platform independent code.

Technically, we think this approach is useful because it allows us to  
create multiple ports tailored to specific environments, where a  
single contributed port would add significant complexity to the webkit  
project, the details of which would not necessarily benefit the  
greater webkit community.   We suggest that the port support complete  
implementation injection, for plug-in replacement of a graphics  
context, network support, etc.  We'd like to work with other  
contributors who require this functionality.

Internally, we have created prototypes and have discussed  
implementation details of the port, however, at this point in time, we  
only want to bring up the idea to the community to obtain initial  
feedback, and to determine the extent of community support for this  

I'd also like to introduce the Sun JavaFx webkit integration teams to  
the webkit community.  The team leads and main points of interaction  

Oleg Sukhodolsky (Desktop)
oleg.sukhodolsky at sun.com

Laird Dornin (Mobile)
laird.dornin at sun.com

The teams are eager to engage and support the community, and generally  
help out where we can...



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