[webkit-dev] Moving away from qmake

Jean-Charles VERDIE (Pleyo) jcverdie at pleyo.com
Tue Nov 13 02:17:21 PST 2007

This is due to Apple using specific features in XCode / VS. But for  
the rest of the ports (Qt, GTK, Wx, BAL...), we could stick to a  
single buld system, CMake or another
And we could hope that Apple someday helps CMake addressing these  
specific features so that everybody uses the same system

Le 12 nov. 07 à 21:58, Timothy Hatcher a écrit :

> Apple needs to use native Xcode and VS projects to work with  
> existing build systems. So generating an Xcode or VS project is not  
> useful.
> On Nov 12, 2007, at 12:20 PM, Jean-Charles VERDIE (Pleyo) wrote:
>> I might be wrong but I think it's useful to be able to generate,  
>> from the same sources and using a CMake facility, an Xcode project  
>> (to work under XCode on Mac), a VS project, a CMakeFile for linux- 
>> based solutions, ....
> — Timothy Hatcher

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