[webkit-dev] Moving away from qmake

Jean-Charles VERDIE (Pleyo) jcverdie at pleyo.com
Mon Nov 12 12:20:30 PST 2007

Le 12 nov. 07 à 21:12, Mark Rowe a écrit :

> On 13/11/2007, at 07:10, Jean-Charles VERDIE (Pleyo) wrote:
>> Le 12 nov. 07 à 20:55, Kevin Ollivier a écrit :
>>> I'm fairly sure this would be easy enough for MSVS because of its  
>>> XML nature. In fact, I did things the opposite way (converted MSVS  
>>> XML -> Bakefile) when I first started adding in the wx port, so  
>>> that we kept up-to-date with any changes to the common files. (As  
>>> a side effect of this, the wx port files are grouped by category  
>>> rather than just being a long list.) The tricky part AFAICT would  
>>> be XCode, though, because even if there is a scripted solution for  
>>> this, it would probably need to be run on a Mac where we have  
>>> access to AppleScript or some other scripting tool that can read  
>>> and make changes to XCode projects... (Bakefile can write XCode  
>>> project files, but it can't read them in.)
>>> Though still, even if we couldn't automatically update the XCode  
>>> Project file in all cases, we'd be left with making the same  
>>> change at most twice, as I think every other build tool uses a  
>>> plain text-based or XML format. Also, if the script wasn't able to  
>>> update the XCode Project file for whatever reason, we could have  
>>> it either spit out a warning or even add a warning into the  
>>> ChangeLog entry that the XCode Project wasn't updated with the  
>>> file change.
>> Another interesting point for CMake is its ability to generate  
>> XCode project files (dunno if it is also able to generate MSVS  
>> files but if they are XMLs, I don't see why it shouldn't/couldn't)
> Why is that useful?

I might be wrong but I think it's useful to be able to generate, from  
the same sources and using a CMake facility, an Xcode project (to work  
under XCode on Mac), a VS project, a CMakeFile for linux-based  
solutions, ....

> - Mark

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