[webkit-dev] Keeping track of supported specs on wiki

Philippe Kalaf philippe.kalaf at collabora.co.uk
Fri Nov 9 12:42:53 PST 2007

I agree that the detailed status pages would need to be updated quite
frequently (daily) to be of any real use. An automated system would
definitely be ideal for this. Nonetheless, for the main table such as
the one I made, it only requires updates when a whole specification is
either started, or 100% completed. Therefore we can start with this main
table and then try to figure out the best way to automate the detailed

As for the detailed automated pages, I could try to find some
"volunteers" if I don't do it myself :)

I want to stress that this sort of page is not only important for
developers, but also very important for potential Webkit adopters who
are looking at the browser engines available out there. Without such a
detailed status page, they are left in the unknown and might shy away
from Webkit.


Eric Seidel wrote:
> My 2¢:
> First, this is very nice.  It's nice (from a former Web Developer's
> perspective) to have a status page to quickly scan!
> That said, an incomplete or out-of-date status page is often not very
> useful, and one unfortunate problems with status pages (at least with a
> project as active as WebKit) is that they very quickly go out of date. 
> The SVG page you mention is about 9 months out of date (my fault), and
> doesn't even reflect what was shipped in Safari 3 (since some SVG
> features were disabled for the Safari 3 release).
> Were I to invest time in writing a status page, I think I would try to
> make it as dynamic as possible (for example, maybe based off of
> DOMImplementation.hasFeature), but I would want to keep "snapshots" of
> the status page for various releases around.  Creating such a status
> page could be a huge undertaking, but it would be easier to keep up to
> date. :)
> Thanks for your contribution to the project.
> -eric
> On Nov 9, 2007, at 7:47 AM, Philippe Kalaf wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> I created a new wiki page at :
>> https://svn.macosforge.org/projects/webkit/wiki/SpecSupport.
>> The point is to track the specs that are currently supported or not. For
>> the specs that are being worked on (partially supported), we should have
>> a detailed progress page similar to the SVG status page at :
>> http://webkit.org/projects/svg/status.xml.
>> My knowledge of the supported specs is limited so I only modestly filled
>> in the table. I would appreciate it if everyone pitched in to complete
>> this table. If you are working on a spec please create a detailed status
>> page as well.
>> Once we have a more complete tables, I can write a script that would
>> convert them into a nicer colored HTML tables that we can have on the
>> main website.
>> BR,
>> Philippe Kalaf
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