[webkit-dev] Re: Enable Cookies, Javascripts

Naiem Shaik naiem.shaik at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 21:38:42 PST 2007

To add to this below mail, I am debugging and kept breakpoint in
setCookies(const KURL& url, const KURL& /*policyURL*/, const String& value);
file: WebCore/platform/gtk/CookieJarGtk.cpp
and this break point is hit everytime the page is opened.
Not sure of how to proceed.
Kindly provide inputs if any.


On Nov 7, 2007 10:34 AM, Naiem Shaik <naiem.shaik at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> In WebKit+Gtk port, there is an API,
> Settings::setJavaScriptEnabled(bool isJavaScriptEnabled),
> I have called this API setting it TRUE.
> When I try to open http://www.mapquest.com/, page displays a message
> that Javascript and cookies must be turned ON.
> I am assuming that javascript is enabled with the above API call, so
> could somebody please let me know how to enable cookies.
> Best Regards,
> Naiem

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