[webkit-dev] Post-commit review for initial wx port commit?

Kevin Ollivier kevino at theolliviers.com
Sun Nov 4 13:48:26 PST 2007

Hi all,

First of all, I want to say thanks to everyone for all the review work  
done so far - I know I've already asked for a lot of your time and  
I've gotten some really great feedback on how to improve the port. A  
number of issues I hadn't even considered have come up, which will  
lead to improvements to both wx and wxWebKit. :-)

Logistically, though, this approach is turning out to be very tricky  
because I'm starting to get some people coming in to help out on the  
port (and it's likely more will be coming soon), but right now the  
port is sort of in limbo on the trunk, and I really can't say how long  
it will be that way. At the same time, the trunk really has a number  
of fixes we need, so we really do want to be working off that. As a  
result, we've been working off the patches, but the patches are  
getting modified with new/experimental code that isn't ready to  
commit, and it's getting very tricky to share code without risking  
losing things. Additionally, on the WebKit side, as the patches are  
getting larger and having more implementation code in them, I'm seeing  
that the reviews on those files are proceeding more slowly,  
understandably so given the extra work involved in understanding the  
code. Add to that the fact that the wx port probably still has about a  
total of 200K in files to be committed and that any review is  
competing with all the work going on for trunk and the ports, and I  
think you can see that at the current pace it could be several weeks  
before this process is complete.

Given the fact that I think everyone agrees we should get the wx port  
into trunk, and that the reviews are more about improving the wx  
port's code rather than making a fundamental decision about whether  
the core port files should be committed at all, what I've been  
thinking about is a strategy where I commit port files (to greatly  
ease the ability of wx port developers to share patches, test the  
build and the like) but als submit the files for review post-commit.  
Then we can still get the review while not holding up all development  
on the port. :-) What do you think?

Of course, I'm open to other ideas too, and I'm sorry to push this as  
I know I'm partly at fault for not doing this sooner, but it would  
really, really help the wx port right now to have the code in the  
trunk rather than as a series of small patches. If anyone can think of  
other, better, ways of achieving this, I'm certainly all ears. As long  
as we can get out of this patching mess on the wx end in the very near  
future, I'll be quite happy. :-)



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