[webkit-dev] Augmenting WebKit contextual menus for non-plugin content

Nathan Duran webkit at khiltd.com
Fri May 25 16:07:38 PDT 2007

> I'm on record as accepting of, but not agreeing with, this argument ;)

Well it makes at least as much sense as the Contextual Menu Manager API's
continued existence does :)

It strikes me as rather silly to protest giving free reign to plugin
developers in the interest of maintaining some territorial sense of purity
(that QuickTime vs. PNG argument is pretty flimsy) when all it does is force
said developers to craft even dirtier solutions--such as the rampant abuse
of Input Managers. I patched enough traps in my day to know that the
practice of overriding stock behavior is fraught with pitfalls, but it's
always far more preferable to risk destabilizing one specific application
rather than the entire OS whenever possible. Plus the hooks are already
there, dangling in front of your face just out of reach.  

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