[webkit-dev] Question about porting webkit

Justin Haygood jhaygood at spsu.edu
Fri May 25 06:45:07 PDT 2007

On 5/25/07, Jin, Yihua <jyh.hsc at 163.com> wrote:
> Hi all:
>    Based on my understanding, the webcore of webkit using KHTML as its
> rendering engine,
> and KTHML is component from KDE/Qt, so is that means Apple's webkits can be
> only port to platform
> that support KDE/Qt?
>    Another question is that I found both apple's webkit and Nokia's S60
> webkits contains KWQ, I'm puzzled
> what role does this part play and what's the relationship beween KWQ and

It was based on KHTML, but has since evolved. Older versions (S60 as
well?) use KWQ as a replacement for the KDE/Qt layer, so it's
supported by any OS with KWQ, and newer versions use their own porting
layer that was designed to be used by any porting effort.

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